Spring 2018 Community Conference:



Dear Improvers,

We are thrilled you will be joining us at the ImproveCareNow Spring 2018 Community Conference in Dallas on April 26-28, 2018, where we will share and develop new and innovative approaches to improving care, furthering research, and building community. You may access the draft agenda here. As always, we will share the final agenda and breakout selection guidance once CME/CNE credit is finalized.

What Do We Want To Accomplish?

As with past ImproveCareNow Commuity Conferences, we have planned something for everyone, regardless of your role, current level of quality improvement knowledge, or the current focus of your research or improvement efforts. We are eager to support you as we work together to:

  • Learn about new changes to test at your care centers
  • Enhance your ability to successfully participate in ImproveCareNow-wide quality improvement, research, and community engagement activities
  • Co-create plans for myICNhome for newly diagnosed patients and their families

Next Steps:

As you prepare for the Spring 2018 Community Conference, please do the following:

  • Review and complete the pre-work.
  • Bookmark this page on the ICN Exchange. As in previous conferences, we will be largely paperless.  You will be able to access the conference agenda, presentations and handouts on the ICN Exchange.

An Important Note About Attendance

We will adjourn on Saturday, April 28 at 12PM Central Time. We recognize and appreciate that you are sharing your time with us and therefore are ending at a time that would allow you to return home earlier in the day. Therefore, we strongly urge you to schedule your flight home to allow you to stay until the very end. We are planning an engaging program that requires team participation until noon. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@improvecarenow.org if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback as you prepare for the Community Conference. We are looking forward to seeing you in September and to learning, teaching, and collaborating with you!

Best regards,

The ImproveCareNow Community Conference Team

Team Preparation Checklists

The following checklists outline required pre-work activities that will help participants prepare for the Spring 2018 Community Conference.  If you have any difficulty accessing the materials, please contact info@improvecarenow.org.

Pre-work Activities for the Spring 2018 Community Conference (All teams that have attended a previous ImproveCareNow Community Conference)

Each ImproveCareNow center QI team should complete the Community Conference Pre-Work Survey. The results will be shared with the community as part of a session on process reliability, as well as during team and learning lab meetings. It will also inform efforts to support and spread reliable use of pre-visit planning, population management, and other chronic care processes throughout the community. The survey should be completed by April 19.

Each ImproveCareNow center QI team should complete the “Learning with Parents and Patients” activity that will inform collaborative sessions at the conference aimed at creating tools and resources for newly diagnosed patients and their families. Send your completed form to info@improvecarenow.org by April 19.


Pre-work Activities for ImproveCareNow Bootcamp Participants (Teams and individuals enrolled in the ImproveCareNow Bootcamp on Thursday April 26)

Each team/individual participant should bring a copy of their latest team charter with them to the Bootcamp. 

The ImproveCareNow Bootcamp is a hands-on session. If possible participants should bring a laptop in order to access ImproveCareNow data systems and get in person coaching and assistance.


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