2014 Fall Learning Session





Fall 2014 Learning Session: Bridging and Bonding


Dear ImproveCareNow Partners,

We look forward to seeing you at the Fall 2014 ImproveCareNow Learning Session, where we will continue to create a Learning Health System that is characterized by continuous Bridging and Bonding. ImproveCareNow constantly seeks to bridge the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, resources, and disciplines represented in this community and to help all of our partners bond around a shared vision of achieving dramatically improved outcomes for more children and adolescents with IBD.

What Do We Want to Accomplish?

Our objectives for the Fall Learning Session 2014 are to:

  • Continue to build skills and knowledge that individuals and centers need to further improve care processes and patient outcomes.  
  • Deepen and broaden relationships and collaboration between the various partners in our work.
  • Celebrate the launch of the new ImproveCareNow Organizational Structure and Engagement Campaign, which will together help us build the Learning Health System of the future.


The Learning Session pre-work is an essential part of your center’s preparation for a successful Learning Session.  As always, we are sharing it with you well in advance to allow individual participants and teams more time to complete the activities that will prepare you for full and meaningful participation. All of the materials and activities can be accessed on the ICN Exchange. We recommend that you bookmark this page on the laptops or tablets that you plan to bring to the Learning Session (and we encourage all participants to bring them if feasible!) as all materials will be accessible there so you can follow along, participate in group activities, and access referenced documents during the Session. If you do not yet have an ICN Exchange account please create one here. Please take the time to carefully review the pre-work checklist as soon as possible, as well as the due dates that are indicated, to allow ample time to complete the activities.

An Important Note about Attendance

We will adjourn on Saturday at noon. We recognize and appreciate that you are sharing your time with us and therefore are ending at a time that would allow you to return home earlier in the weekend.  Therefore, we strongly urge you to schedule your flight home to allow you to stay until the very end. We are planning an engaging program that requires team participation until noon, including a “town hall meeting” type discussion at the end in which we want to solicit your feedback on several key issues.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via sarah.myers2@cchmc.org if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback as you prepare for the Learning Session. We are looking forward to seeing you in September and to learning with you!


Best regards, 

Richard Colletti, MD | Executive Network Director

Peter Margolis, MD, PhD | Executive Scientific Director

Sarah Myers, MPH, RN | Executive Improvement Director




The following checklists include required “pre-work” activities to prepare for the Learning Session. Most of the referenced activities require materials that can be accessed on the ImproveCareNow Exchange Fall 2014 Learning Session page. We have indicated direct links materials where applicable. If you have any difficulty accessing the materials, please contact melissa.mock@cchmc.org

Pre-work Activities for the Fall 2014 Learning Session (Continuing Teams)

  • THINK BIG!  Work with your team (including parent and patient partners) to complete the "Re-Imagining the Care Experience" pre-work activity. This is your main Learning Session pre-work, so please take the time to make it a meaningful experience for your team. Several of the submissions will be shared in a community plenary session; all will be used in your Learning Lab discussions. Each team should send their response to sarah.myers2@cchmc.org by August 20. 

  • CONNECT.  Visit the ICN Exchange Fall 2014 Learning Session Forum and respond to both discussion topics. This will inform our Saturday “Matchmaking Breakfast” selections and other informal networking activities, and will also help members of the community get to know eachother better as we grow and evolve. Each attendee needs to complete this by August 15. 
  • REFLECT. Each team should review its 90-day goals for July-September as well as its latest performance on key quality improvement and data quality measures. Please refer to the 90-day goal tracker and your automated QI reports to review progress and think about the ideas you need to steal shamelessly from other teams!  
  • CONTRIBUTE.  Provide feedback and content to any sessions that you have been asked to help plan or present. Even more than previous Learning Sessions, YOU are the teachers as we all teach and all learn!


Pre-work Activities for the Fall 2014 Learning Session (QI Fundamentals Teams)

  • SHARE.  Prepare a 5-minute presentation or creative video to present during the Thursday session using the provided template.  Please review this example as you plan your presentation and please remember to include a picture of your team. Send to Elizabeth.Williams2@cchmc.org by August 29.

  • APPLY. Read the Run Chart Rules article. There will be an interactive discussion of these rules at the Learning Session. Come prepared to test your knowledge and talk about how they apply to your applied learning opportunity run chart.
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